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Ice, fire and lava.

In my process with my homepage I made a new logo… I was thinking of my homeland and my roots Iceland the land of ice, fire and lava, white,red and black. That leaded me on to start painting the energy from the Icelandic nature.

Icelandic energy

The Triple goddess. But one day it went to a new direction. I got a visit from my friend and she told me about the story of the old Triple goddess and her three colors WHITE - RED - BLACK

detail of the White goddess

White is the color of the virgin, easy-going goddess who appears in spring and life renewed. This white goddess then turns into the red goddess. . . .

Detail of the red goddess

Rot is the color of the mature goddess, the fiery glow life and the fertile blood of life. And then she becomes the black, old goddess. . .

Detail of the black goddess

Black is the color of the old goddess, the mistress of the dark half of the year autumn and winter, age and death.

And then it start all over again she is reborn like the spring.

But the more I look into this I can see that this is related to many ancient cultures as Roman, Egyptian, Hindu, Celtic and more.

Sometimes I have this feeling that I am different, sometimes young and fresh and sometimes full of fire and sometimes tired and boring. I think this is life. We have many layers and many pages and without it life is less interesting.

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