Frequently asked questions

Can I take your class if I live in another state or country from you?

Regardless of your location, you can still take this class. MOST of the students who have taken my class are in another state from where I live. The class is a live, virtual video chat with you and I talking face to face on camera. I schedule the class at a time that fits your time zone and schedule. For anyone in the Miami area, you are welcome to schedule your class in person with me if you prefer. Don't worry. I break down all the sections into easy to understand explanations with visual examples when doing the class over the computer.

Will I learn everything I need to know to become a model?

The class is a knowledge, education-based course. It teaches aspects of the modeling industry including how to submit to agencies & which to contact based on your specific look, what to wear to castings, how to best develop your portfolio, how to spot agency scams, how to know what kind of contract you are being offered etc. The information taught are the foundational pieces to understanding the industry. It is then up to the aspiring model to take his information put their goals into ACTION. Don't worry. I break down all the sections into easy to understand explanations with visual examples as applicable. Class can also be tailored based on individual requests or current experience levels so please be sure to fully discuss specific topics/wish list topics with Kamla BEFORE the start of your sessions. Currently, discussed topics are listed in bullet form if you scroll back up the page.

Are you a modeling agency that can sign me?

I am not a modeling agency. But since I am an agency signed professional model and a modeling coach, I always provide my students with sample names of agencies that they can apply to. I also give guidance on photographers/types of images to shoot so that you increase your chances of a modeling agency wanting to sign you. Having a better portfolio can also help you to book freelance work. Therefore, I equip you with the tools and it is them up to you to IMPLEMENT those tools and submit yourself to agencies to seek out a contract(s).

Is there a payment plan for your mentorship?

Absolutely! I want to make taking this class as attainable as possible for you. Please scroll up to see the payment plan option listed under the pricing area. * The cost of class covers multiple classes with me. 2) Students who pay the class in full will receive multiple bonus items including an extra coaching session as is listed directly under the payment section above. Feel free to email me directly with any payment questions primeangles@kamlakay.com

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

I'd love to talk to you! I believe in making business investments as no goal is ever just handed to you... but I also believe in SMART business investments. You’re more than welcome to send me a note at primeangles@kamlakay.com. My team and I are standing by to make sure you’re able to make the best decision possible so that you can then decide if you are ready to let go of fear and pursue your modeling goal.

What is the refund policy for being coached by Kamla?

Refund policy: Based on how thrilled other aspiring models/parents of aspiring models were after taking my course, I am so confident you will be overjoyed at everything learned that I am willing to offer you a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the course after the 1st live session with me, a refund can be requested. Since these are live coaching classes scheduled just for you, a refund must be requested within 48 hours after the 1st session & a refund will be issued in the amount of the remaining live classes not yet taken.