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My paintings 

From here and there

Abstract world 

Exhibition from 2015.  I took part in a culture event with music and art in Ried in the Oberinntal in Austria.


“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”― Mahatma Gandhi


Everything is connected.

Spring is here

A seed that grows - with each stroke of the brush in a meditative rythm, a creation of new forms, connected to the power of the celestial sphere. 
Hoping for love, respect and peace for all human beings.

April 2022 after about 3 years of being limited I felt the relief that life was getting back to normal spring was coming in two senses. But then came war......I was working on a project for a gift shop at the Tirol Volkskunstmuseum in Innsbruck (painted wood boxes) and felt the peace of mind this ancestral painting technique gave me. I brought it into my painting and let it flow. My thoughts were with those who were uprooted from their daily lives and had to flee from the senseless devastation of war.

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