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Some day is just a bad day

On the road again and now finely to Jönkeby with all four wheels in good condition I came late at night and I ended to sleep on parking plats in Husquarna outside my friends house.

Next day. Looking around  and finding some information for my travel and a place to stay. Getting internet and some phone card, making extra key for my car……

Some day is just a bad day …..I found one camping place I did not like. and one I did not find until I drive 24 km extra and it was closed, and had been closed sins 2009. My internet I bought did not work and I could not use my phone and I lost everything that was in my phone. The key I got was not working…..

Finely I ended sleeping again on the parking plats without my heat…. my gas got empty and my switching key was too small to switch the LP.

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