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From Main to New York – Washington DC

It was rely difficult to leave Haystack and this amazing place and the good energy that I found there but I was also very happy that my friend from the school  invited me to go with him to New York and offered my place to stay. In my mind New York was a place I did not have courage to go alone.

We got a ride with one of my class friend…….. we had a plan that I would share the drive with her but I was very thankful we were three and not need for I to drive on the highway.

new y3

The world was waiting for me 🙂

new y2

so much….

new y1

The first stop was in Brooklyn there we stayed one nigh than I decided to visit my friend from Iceland that lives in  Washington.

And that was amazing we had so good time.

She is also an Artist and she invited me to a picnic with her art group …

Full table of food and drinks and most important very good company with great people ……

Than it start raining like skyfall…..


and raining ……….


The morning after the sun came ……

and I went of course  to see the White House and walk in the park………..


and one Museum …


and I found the house of my dream………..


almost missed my train to NY…………got a little lost in the big garden

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