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Primitive life 2020

In my process of making this website and deciding to set up an online store has been a good lesson. Since I am not a technician in this field, I have had to learn a lot. The more I learn, the more interesting it is. It is a lot of work to photograph every piece and write information and descriptions but it is another thing that stands out. My works come alive and it's like a journal of the past time. I work a lot in series it's something that fascinates me and I get almost obsessed with it, sometimes it's the material that speaks to me, sometimes it's an impression from nature, and sometimes it's just a feeling that is the core of the work. The technology world and the speed we live in today are sometimes unbearable for me and I sometimes want to step out of this and go back in time. On the other hand, the opportunities are endless to express and share what we are doing and to create conversation. My life would be less if I didn't have the internet to listen to music and find information I needed and to learn about our history. But it does not replace human togetherness. Going to a concert is a force, reading a book is nourishing and being present is love. Everything is good in moderation and knowledge of the past together with modern technology is the golden average. To be a little primitive in everyday life and try to participate in our time I have the opportunity to present my work and share my thoughts and work in what nourishes me and my Artwork like to go out of my box ;-)

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