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Mysteries morning sun in upper Austria


Kunst am Hof

In beginning of September I participated in art symposium in upper Austria. This was the fourth time I took part. Normal I take my sewing machine and I sew like a crazy but this year I had no interest of my sewing machine. Maybe I did sew too many masks this year or sometimes it just is so. I took my watercolor and ink and I wanted to capture the moment. And the light these days was so perfect. Mysteries, the sun came through the fog everything was so soft and quiet. One day I went with my camping and I went to a small town on a hill to see the sunset and to see the sunrise. I parked my car front of the town church and after some minute the church organist start to play the organ and I got life concert that led me to sleep. In the morning I drove back and the light was astounding. It was my inspiration for 7 new watercolor.

I made two series this week one with watercolor and one with ink. The ink series had including some new object that came as a surprise and that is the magic of creativity.

you can see my watercolor in the online shop My art /watercolor / Morning sun in upper Austria

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