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A day trip to Trient

After three years with the gallery, about a four month transfer period, I needed some time to adjust. I took the time to settle down and see what was important and what wasn't. My website was at the top of the agenda and a little over two weeks ago I set about revamping it. Getting into the program was the first challenge but slowly I got the hang of it and now I'm starting to enjoy it. Have to say the more I learn the happier I am that I chose this WIX program for my website. I chose the way to design the form myself so that I can change and improve as I like, it is of course more complicated, but I am glad that I went that way.

But after two weeks glued to the screen, it was nessesery to take a break and clear my thougt.

A day trip to Trient in good company with the Milser women. A little culture, good food and summer shopping, but above all a little break from everyday life.

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