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My day and my work

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

At the moment the life is different by me as most others in the world. For me it is not difficult to be at home I work normal at home and I work alone. I like also to be alone not all the time but I can forget my self in my work for days. I did have a problem no income, my part time work was closed and no exhibition and no one where coming to buy things. I decided to use this time do what I had in my mind for years to make me a new homepage and a online shop so here I am. But, it did take a change. I was deep in learning on this program and photographing my work when my friend called and ask if I can make some mouth masks he cant work without them and there is no to buy, so I started to sew and i sewed and sewed ;-) now I have been sewing for 5 weeks I am very grateful and I have balance in my finance :-) I don´n know how long. We have a very strange time that we can´t make a big plan but I believe when we are open for what comes something will come. It was not art but I found my self in creating with colors and I did make my print and I did have fun. And people liked it it was a little different and that I like.

Now I think this period is over ( I don´t know ) but I am looking forward to continue with my art and my new homepage.

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