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Moesgard …mystery..

In Moesgard I came 2 O´clock after midnight. It was total darkness and the road was in a very dense forest I felt I was in a Tolkien adventure I had no idea were this road was getting me it just got darker and darker and smaller… but in the end I found place with lots of cars but I did not see people. I found a place for my car and after enjoying the starry sky and one glass of red vine I went to bed.

After about 10 hours sleep (must have been tired I did´t wake up with my clock ) I took a walk in the forest.

And what a incredible forest I was so impressed …

I found a MAGIC……Women

I found something maybe from the  Lord of the rings ….. ???

……….Vikings ready for a war

I meet a strange women

and warriors  from the past ??

more than two hundred fighters took part in the show …

And the Icelanders Vikings  from Rimmugýgur where the best of course 🙂

And what a rain….

and good to warm themselves by the fire…….

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