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Interesting journey. Our lives

I think many active artists have the same problem, too little space. You make artwork for one exhibition and there is not always that you sell all of your work quickly. And you bring your work to your studio and start to work for the next. I don´t like to present same work many time and I like to make work that fit in the showroom. And I get new inspiration and sometimes I have something to say.

I do know artists that paint over their artwork again and again. But when my work is finish it is finish. Of course I also have work that don´t like to finish, or simply does not work and I have to start over again and sometimes it takes month or years to finish one piece of art. But I think this is a journey, from one piece of work another start to grow. And if I did´t make this artwork I am not able to make the next one.

The last months I have the feeling that my house get smaller and smaller of course my house is the same but my house is overcrowded of artwork and also material for my work . So these days I am record my works and give them new life on my website. It's interesting that each piece has a story and I'm reliving what I had in mind when I made them. Sometimes it is an impression from nature and sometimes some emotion but sometimes just forms that want to work together and become a work of art. I really enjoy re-experiencing my work and possibly they will find a new home when they are visible.

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