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Hotel Glymur

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

In a friendly hotel  a short drive from Reykjavík with a spectacular view over Whale fjord with Relaxed environment and a homey atmosphere I got an opportunities to design and create. First I designed pillow and books that have some connection with my art.

I like to find some spirit from the environment and I had good feeling there.



I start to create for eight rooms…

My first room I decided to work with one of my favorite form, the form of rams horn It is interested you can connect this form to male and female. Few years before  I had a little exhibition that I work with  inspiration from Ram show that is tradition by the farmer in Iceland and we also had one well-known naive artist (Stefán frá Möðrudal) in Iceland that painted rams side by side like they are arranged in line. So I made my own ram show.


The room number two I had inspiration from the nature In Iceland we have lots of lava and moss and the special moss Reindeer moss that have very interested color and it looks like tiny little trees.


The room number three I dived deep in the ocean not by my self but with my mind I found this magic color and I imagined the light from the sky…….


The room number four I was playing with the color and the shape and I use some stitching to get three-dimensional effects …


In room number 5 I started with the blue painting I had this image in my head without a predetermined idea Snæfellsjökull is an impressive glacier and you can see him from many locations and it looks bigger from the distance powerful….


When I start this project I stayed in the hotel for some days to find some inspiration for my work and i allowed my imagination to flow I walked a lot around and lay in the shrubbery just to bee…. and I found some magic something I do not know …..


I always love the autumn with the cold Blue and all this warm color…some things is going to sleep but we know it will wake up again …


I  have to be searching and try new things and sometimes I find some form or technique that I fall in love with. In this work I am playing with very simple form and just a different gray. I use some stitching to get some three-dimensional effects….


And I designed and created pillow and books for 7 more rooms

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