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From Copenhagen to Norway

After good time in Copenhagen I decided to take a direction to Norway and take some working day in Sweden on my way. Sunday afternoon I came to Oslo and found interesting camping place in middle of the old town on top of hill and my view was over the city.

In the morning I went on my bike in the sun and the rain.

From Oslo I went to the airport to pick up my friend from Iceland which was going to travel with me for two weeks. Even I have enjoy travel alone it was very nice to have a company.

And to bring me back to reality for a while  😉

We took the direction to mountains and discover the demanding road in Norway.

and all the magnificent and beautiful landscape Norway have.

1250 m.o.s we drove and I had the feeling I was back to Iceland again ….

just fun in the snow….

from the winter we drove in the summer again and I found this perfect moment of sun and water……….

In Eidfjörd I started painting  from my camping place

Driving again and in Invik …. of course painting more…

I find it very interesting that so many houses is building in steep slope.

We found nice place in the wood to stay over the night and in the morning we wake up with some strange noise and that was a screaming M00se and it was a little scary.

To Sweden we came today

more painting…….

and some help from the rain this came in my mind….

Too morrow we will go south to new adventures……

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