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Endless source of ideas.

Art or not art is often a controversial issue. Abstract realism or fantasy and everything in between may be our need for classification. Sometimes I wonder if I am a craftsman or an immature artist without style. But in fact, I have always found it interesting the artists who have different periods and different approaches to the subject. Today you have infinite access to see what others are doing and you can really do a decent picture without skill and practice. But with time and practice you find your freedom and you can interpret the experience and your feeling that will be the driving force of the work. Hopefully my weakness is also a strong side. My curiosity about different methods and technique and every day challenge and change is always the driving force in my artwork. And in the environment and in the human life is endless source of ideas.

The face of the mountain....

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Mar 06

super.gute arbeit an der homepage,und schöne arbeiten😘

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