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In Austria I arrived September 20 in the night. I was very lucky that I was so tired after about 12 hours drive so i did´t have energy to be afraid when I drove down the mountains to Innsbruck 16 % gradient in total darkness. My destination was a small village named Götzens  ten minutes from Innsbruck.

Innsbruck the old town ….

and in the dusk it was even more interesting ….

Around Innsbruck is so many small village and a beautiful countryside..

And I got a new fan that followed me all around and of course I made a painting of my new friend,,

I was  invited to spend a day in the mountain with very nice family and have a barbique. They have a 500 years old house so charming almost all original and the view was amazing.

And the autumn is starting with all my favorite colors …….

my painting

And my friend ….

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