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My new Gallery in Hall in Tirol

End of July I took the decision to close my little Gallery on the main square here in Hall. I had very good nine month there but it was very small and difficult to present my work I did´t have plan for a new gallery but front of my home a beautiful place was free so I decided to open a new. And I am so happy with my new place it is just right for me and my work.

gallery opnun 10

From Iceland to Austria

opnun gallery 13

gallery opnun 3

My historical corner inspiration from the Viking time and from Tirol

opnun gallery 12

Prepare the opening…… little nervous will someone come ?

gallery opnun 7

And my wonderful neighbors from my home came ….

gallery opnun 2jpg

And my wonderful neighbors from my gallery came …..

gallery opnun 4

and more wonderful people and friends …

gallery opnun 5

and more

opnun gallery 16


opnun gallery 15

Thanks to you all who made my opening day so perfect ……

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