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Svava k

Svava K. Egilson

Welcome to my website. My art, my craft and creation is my philosophy, my way of life and my love for nature in balance and harmony.

I find my inner power and contentment in creating and recycling. To see transformation from blank paper or canvas, to art pieces or objects, somthing

I can give a new life ...... metamorphoses  ;-)

All my work is handmade by me with love and joy and hope for a better world. 

Sometimes I like to share my thoughts and you can find that in my Blog

Hope you enjoy.         

With love Svava K.

At the moment is my old blog
just in English

Each thread, each step,

each idea that flows

through the mind and

becomes a goal.

Each moment, each day 

unite in creation

is a miracle .........  

                       S. Cristina


Here you can find my latest work. The beginning of my works usually has a connection to my life, some experience or impression of the moment in everyday life.

Our life is a story.

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