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The summer of silence

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

After year of traveling and transfer my house and my gallery, I needed a time to find my rhythm. Time to learn to live in a more than 400 years old house with wood Heating, to find place for my things and to make my home homey ..And now I feel really at home I have peace in my heart and my soul and I just like to be. I don´t like to have plan I don´t like to go for Holiday I just like to be in my work and my searching. After four and a half year of adventure with new land new language new people and now new house, I have found something very special some connection with my self with my garden and with my environment. I am thankful for today and I am looking forward for tomorrow. I am also thankful for the past and the five year on the road that brought me here. I can not say why and what it is that is so special, it is just so. And I am also not saying that my life is a dance and roses, it is not easy to live from art but I am alive and I am happy to be.

I don´t go for my inspiration I just open my eyes and look what I see… The nature is a magic. the light in the morning when the sun rise and the light from the streetlight reflected after the rain in the night…….I have it all when I really open my eyes ………

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